Dungeness River in Olympic National Forest (by Lee Rentz)

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Experimenting with Dark Food Photography.

No Thyme to Waste



I’ve been doing a lot of googling lately. I always feel like I need more gear, more props, and more gadgets, to get the images I drool over online. In particular the trend of dark food photography, and the lighting style dubbed ‘mystic light’. Achieving this is no small feat. A solid half day playing with set up, camera settings, and light manipulation: and you’re only half way there. Having taken the shot is half the battle, and your post processing/editing is the other half. I love food, and I love photography, together they’ve become a little obsession (note: not so little). Days off are spent trying, trying, trying. I still can’t figure out exactly how to adjust lighting to get the ‘mystic’ look, but I’ll get there. What I do know is that you don’t need much fancy gear to get your started, just a little ingenuity and…

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this from a (mostly) food blog…what can you find on google?

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I googled guinea pig with brussel sprouts and let me tell you I was not disappointed

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Beautiful London | a film by Chris Brooker – YouTube

via Beautiful London | a film by Chris Brooker – YouTube.

Chris Brooker Films

Published on 28 Jun 2013

A short film that utilizes time-lapse and hyper-lapse photography to capture the energy and beauty of the city of London. A film by Chris Brooker.

The amazing soundtrack was from Rameses B. You can check out his music using the links below:

► Rameses B:
● Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RamesesB.offi…
● Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/RamesesB
● Youtube: http://youtube.com/RamesesB
● Twitter: http://twitter.com/RamesesB
● Bandcamp: http://ramesesb.bandcamp.com

This film took roughly three weeks to film and consists of over 15,000 still images!

Thank you,
Chris Brooker