Palladian bridge at Prior Park, Bath, UK by Andy Fletcher

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Mottisfont Abbey Rose Garden, Hampshire, UK by ukgardenphotos (Flickr)

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Gorgeously Illuminated Cracked Log Lamps by Duncan Meerding

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Tree Church

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After travelling the world and being a keen observer of Churches, Barry Cox decided to construct a unique Church of his own using living trees and utilising his Tree Spade. (Treelocations) After starting construction in April 2011, the Tree Church Gardens are now available for public visits and private events.


Loft 9b by Dimitar Karanikolov and Veneta Nikolova

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Located in Sofia, Bulgaria, Loft 9b was designed by Dimitar Karanikolov and Veneta Nikolova as an industrial attic apartment. Modern and subtly warm the space holds the warmth in its wooden surfaces, vintage touches (ie. the vintage fridge), and modern minimalist furniture.

Photography by Minko Minev, Georgi Petev, Dimitar Karanikolov


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