Elephant banging on a car and attacking tourists – YouTube

via Elephant banging on a car and attacking tourists – YouTube.

Tran Phuong

Published on 14 Jul 2015

This is the incredible moment three abused circus elephants went on the rampage in a Danish seaside town, smashing up a car and terrorising tourists.
Footage of the incident was filmed in Karrebæksminde, where the animals named Lara, Jenny and Jungla were being led down to the water to cool off after a hard day performing.
When it was time to leave the water the animals became restless, prompting one of the circus employees to beat the animal.
Rather than calming the three animals down, it only led to them becoming even more agitated, escaping their handlers and rampaging through the seaside town – smashing and lifting cars with their trunks and chasing terrified holidaymakers.


Caramelized Fig and Ricotta Crostini

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Caramelized Fig and Ricotta Crostini

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White-tailed Eagle by Robert Adamec via Tumblr

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Beauty of Nature & Wildlife White-tailed Eagle by Robert Adamec via Tumblr


20 Photos Of Norway’s Fairy Tale Architecture

via 20 Photos Of Norway’s Fairy Tale Architecture.

Norway started out as a kingdom in 872 and has existed ever since. It has also saved quite a bit of its traditional architecture. Traditional Norwegian architecture makes it look like a land out of a fairytale. Stave churches – so named because of the Norse words for their load-bearing poles – were extremely popular back in the 12th century, and their unique shape matched with all-wooden construction make is simply spectacular.

Norvegian vernacular (as in, built to local requirements and using local materials) architecture is wonderful. Moss and even trees grow on the roofs of wooden or stone buildings, making Norway a sort of Norse Shire. Have a look, and plan your next holiday accordingly!

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Borgund Stave Church


Source: Tnarik Innael


Source: Robert Cross

Barn In Valldal


Source: thornews.com



Source: reddit.com

Ancient Road Vindhellavegen


Source: youtube.com

Bridge Over Låtefossen Waterfall


Source: Max Rive

Under The Aurora


Source: Hans Marius Mindrum

Kvednafossen Waterfall In Norway


Source: Lars Neumann

At The End Of The World, Tjome


Source: Allan Pedersen

Old Farmhouses


Source: SoyabaraJohnny99

Natural Swimming Pool In The Forest


Source: Strezz69

Old House


Source: Slemulv

A House In Norway


Source: Robert Snow

Old Village


Source: imgur.com

Fjord Houses


Source: AdMixStar

A Bridge In Norway


Source: Will Zhang

Rogaland, Gullingen


Source: dmitryprofi

Lake Bondhus


Source: Jindra Rotscheid

Fairy House In Hunderfossen, Lillehammer


Source: Ester Ayerdi

Fisherman Hut, Undredal


Source: Ester Ayerdi