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Misdirection – A form of deception in which the attention of an audience is focused on one thing in order to distract its attention from another. Managing the audience’s attention is the aim of all Theater, it is the foremost requirement of Theatrical Magic – Wikipedia

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Best photo on the Internet today

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SAT MAY 23, 2015

by Molly Weasley

A rainbow over Dublin. Proof that nature has a sense of humor.



It Gets Better: Gay Police Association Scotland – YouTube

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Having stumbled upon this piece, I tried to get my head around a similar video coming out of the Milwaukee Police Department, an organisation notorious for its corruption when I was a young man in that fair city…

Gay Police Association Scotland

Published on 14 Jun 2013

Gay Police Association (GPA) Scotland has produced this film for the It Gets Better Project. Everyone who took part is a serving or retired police officer or member of police staff within Police Scotland and BTP Scotland. We hope that our story will help inspire young LGBT people in this land and beyond. Thank you for watching.

Closed Captions are available for this film in English. Select English from the Captions option on the video player to turn captions on.


Film produced by Alan Sneddon, Scotland Officer, Gay Police Association
Music composed and produced by GPA member, Stewart Gray


Sergeant Stuart Ferguson
Special Constable Malcolm Whyte
Retired Officer Carol Mapley
Acting Sergeant Frazer Robertson
Special Constable Wendy Callan
Constable Graham Thomson
Constable Elliot Napier
Constable Becky Lidster
Sergeant Stuart Cassels
Police Staff Graham Spence


Forbidden Love: Madonna Posts Controversial Photo

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MON MAY 18, 2015

by librarisingnsf

attribution: Twitter/Instagram


Madonna is fond of controversy, and she knows how to stir it up pretty well. Now, the “material girl” has posted a photo of a (presumably) gay Jewish man and a gay Muslim man about to kiss on Instagram.

From The New Civil Rights Movement:

Jewish news agency JTA describes the image as showing “a Jewish man with side curls and wearing a large white knitted kippah of the Breslover Hasidic movement and an Arab man wearing a traditional Arab keffiyeh.”

Regardless, the Material Girl knows how to spark controversy, discussion, and debate, and what a great way to do it.

For millennia the Middle East has been a war zone of intellectual, spiritual, and physical battles between Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, and their adherents, followers, and advocates.

For millennia, and increasingly, homosexuality has been part of this debate.

Commenters on the image took all sides, but seemed overwhelmingly positive.

The responses have been mixed, but mostly positive. I think it’s wonderful and sweet myself.

And, check out this video.



NBC/WSJ Poll: Americans would prefer a gay presidential candidate to an evangelical one

via NBC/WSJ Poll: Americans would prefer a gay presidential candidate to an evangelical one.

THU MAY 07, 2015 by Jen Hayden

Democratic Senate candidate Bruce Braley voting early on October 24, 2014, in Waterloo, Iowa.

Attitudes nationwide are rapidly re-shaping.


We’ve sure come a long way in a short time. Hard to believe a little more than 10 years ago we were voting across the country on the definition of marriage—and equality was losing badly. From the Huffington Post:

More Americans feel comfortable with a presidential candidate who identifies as gay or lesbian than with one who identifies as an evangelical Christian, according to a new poll.

The latest WSJ/NBC poll listed a series of qualities in a potential presidential candidate and asked respondents whether they’d “be enthusiastic,” “be comfortable with,” “have some reservations about” or “be very uncomfortable with” a candidate with each of those qualities.

The results revealed that Americans are actually quite open to having a gay presidential candidate. Sixty-one percent said they would be either enthusiastic about or comfortable with a gay or lesbian candidate, while only 37 percent said they would have reservations or be uncomfortable.

You can dig deeper into the poll results, including other poll questions at NBC News/Wall Street Journal Survey.



Alan Turing’s family demands the UK pardon its convicted homosexuals – Salon.com

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The famed mathematician and codebreaker received a royal pardon in 2013. As many as 49,000 others have not


Alan Turing's family demands the UK pardon its convicted homosexuals

Alan Turing (Credit: Wikimedia)


This article originally appeared on GlobalPost.

LONDON, UK — Amid the lame jokes and creepy John Travolta touching, this year’s Oscars ceremony had some political moments.

 There was John Legend’s reminder of skyrocketing incarceration rates and the erosion of voting rights in the United States, after his win with rapper Commonfor best original song.

There was Patricia Arquette’s call for wage equality (and Meryl Streep’s “GO, girl!” response) while accepting her best supporting actress statue.

“Birdman” director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu used his best picture acceptance speech to appeal for cleaner politics in Mexico and better treatment of immigrants in the US.

More from GlobalPost: How Mexicans became Hollywood’s best directors

And Graham Moore, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of the film “The Imitation Game,” received a standing ovation after a moving speech in which he encouraged alienated-feeling young people to “stay weird,” and acknowledged his own suicide attempt as a teenager.

But the politics of the “The Imitation Game,” at least, didn’t end at the stage.

On Monday morning, the family of Alan Turing — the famed English mathematician and codebreaker whose work led to modern computer science — went to the UK prime minister’s residence at 10 Downing Street.

They asked that the government officially pardon 49,000 men who, like Turing, were legally persecuted for having consensual sexual relationships with other men before homosexuality was decriminalized in the UK.

The family handed over a Change.org petition with more than 500,000 signatures calling for a pardon for all UK men convicted under the country’s “gross indecency” laws. Such a pardon could clear the records of some 15,000 men still alive today.

Homosexual acts between two men were decriminalized in England and Wales in 1967. However, laws against “gross indecency” and “buggery” — offenses generally applied only to gay men — officially remained on the books until 2003.

Turing, whose work breaking Nazi codes was key to Allied success in World War II, was convicted in 1952 of gross indecency following his relationship with a 19-year-old man. He was chemically castrated, and died of an apparent suicide two years later.

He received a royal pardon in 2013. His family and supporters now want the same for others.

Benedict Cumberbatch, the actor who played Turing in the Oscar-nominated film, and Stephen Fry, the British comedian who has campaigned for Turing to be placed on the 10 pound bill, signed an open letter in the Guardian newspaper last month calling on the royal family to extend the pardon to all men convicted under the laws.

“The UK’s homophobic laws made the lives of generations of gay and bisexual men intolerable,” the letter read. “It is up to young leaders of today including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to acknowledge this mark on our history and not allow it to stand.”


Corinne Purtill is a journalist based in London.

basically, if you’re confident and secure in yourself, you have no worries; if you’re neither…have no worries

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