Atmospheric CO2 levels on the verge of hitting 400 ppm

The Secular Jurist

Since 1956, the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii has been gathering data on how much carbon dioxide is in the atmosphere — a very basic measure of how humans are transforming the planet and setting the stage for future climate change.

The so-called Keeling Curve is attracting even more attention than usual this month, as the amount of carbon in the atmosphere is on the verge of hitting 400 parts per million, a new milestone (the readings hit 399.71 on Tuesday):


Notice that the curve is jagged. As humans keep burning fossil fuels, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has wafted upward over time. But there are seasonal fluctuations, too. When trees in the Northern Hemisphere bloom in the spring and summer, they absorb a lot of that carbon. When the leaves wilt in the winter, carbon returns to the air and readings spike. The curve is a record of…

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