Great Products For Long-Term Travelers

Our intrepid Shannon and Brian are unlikely to retire on the proceeds of these endorsements, and, as the products and services mentioned may be useful to people planning trips, I thought I’d share with anyone interested…

Everywhere Once

We get asked so frequently about the things we use to make traveling full-time easier that we figured our readers would find a post dedicated to the subject useful. 

Most of the time everyday clothing and products are perfectly adequate for the kind of traveling we do. We don’t, for example, wear convertible cargo pants or Columbia travel clothes that so many other travelers favor. Blue jeans and t-shirts work as well for us on the road as they do at home.

Occasionally, though, full-time travelers encounter special problems. And special problems call for special solutions. These are the products and services we’ve come to rely on to help solve some of those challenges.

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The Doggerland region around the British Isles, 18,000 years ago when the sea levels were lower

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Good question to ask in the US

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Despite record low public approval ratings for Congress of below 14% at times (with voters in some polls rating cockroaches, traffic jams, and toe-nail fungus higher than US politicians) over 95% of incumbent members can still expect to be re-elected ..  (more here)



Hairy Shrimp (Phycocaris simulans) Lembeh Strait Hairy Shrimp (Phycocaris simulans) in the Lembeh Strait / North Sulawesi / Indonesia by uw-pix

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37 Meeting – I forgot my invitation by Kim Barrickman

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Wicken Fen, Ely, Cambridgeshire, England fisheye images

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