Processed Meats Declared Too Dangerous for Human Consumption

There have long been suspicions about the safety of processed meats; lumping all into a single category, however. While it may be up to the consumer to make intelligent and informed decisions regarding what to eat, the ability to do so is severely impaired unless labelling laws and regulations are comprehensively reformed.

Mysterious Poop Foam Causes Explosions on Hog Farms | Mother Jones

Mysterious Poop Foam Causes Explosions on Hog Farms | Mother Jones.

North Korea – Getting Started / Beijing

Abandoned Kansai

I grew up in Germany, a country that was divided for 45 years. When the wall came down I was 12 years old – and not interested in politics whatsoever, but of course I understood that this was big news, like *Chernobyl* three years prior. My family didn’t have relatives in East Germany, so I didn’t have a personal relationship to the German Democratic Republic, as the neighboring country was officially called. I learned about the situation in school, but like most kids that age it was stuff I learned because I had to, not because I wanted to – my interest in history started to bloom a couple of years later…
You can’t fully understand the history of Japan without knowing at least a little bit about the history of China and Korea, so after I enrolled at university to dedicate my next few years to Japanese Studies I…

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World’s largest fat-burning power station to burn blubber from London sewers

World’s largest fat-burning power station to burn blubber from London sewers.

Who knew?

Solar Chaser uses the power of the sun to entertain your cat

Solar Chaser uses the power of the sun to entertain your cat.

Pennsylvania fracking case strikes a blow against corporatism

The Secular Jurist

In a momentous decision supporting the public interest, a Pennsylvania judge reversed an earlier ruling that had sealed an agreement in a legal dispute over damages caused by shale gas drilling.  This judicial action has significant implications regarding the constitutional basis for corporate personhood, and the special interest corruption of governance by the practice of corporatism.

From:  Judge rules in newspapers’ favor in Hallowich-Range case

A Washington County judge on Wednesday reversed an earlier ruling and opened a legal agreement involving a Mt. Pleasant Township family that claimed nearby Marcellus Shale gas drilling caused them harm.

“This court found no case establishing a constitutional right of privacy for businesses,” Washington County President Judge Debbie O’Dell Seneca wrote in her opinion overturning former Judge Paul Pozonsky’s sealing of the record 18 months ago.

The total settlement with Stephanie and Chris Hallowich was $750,000, according to court documents obtained Wednesday…

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Who put your prawns on your plate?

Africa far and wide

I’ve been looking for a Pungwe River fisherman for some time. And today I found him. We hear so many stories about these men; how they often get taken by crocs during the rainy season and how they are as tough as nuts, surviving bouts of cholera and being drilled by swamp mosquitos 24/7. I was thrilled when I met Francisco Govea, a seemingly gentle, but tough old man.

After hearing his story, I looked at him with interest. I feel at ease with him and I get a strong sense that he is a good man, a man at peace with himself. Yet how is it possible that he is what he is now after almost two decades of violence and killing?

This is the story of Francisco Govea.

I will tell you his story in 2 parts. This post will shed light on the daily laborious life of…

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