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Originally encountered this on a notice board outside a local Unitarian Church and my thanks to thekingofideas.tumblr.com for reminding me of it.  The quote comes from Thomas Paine.

Nigel Slater’s banana cheesecake recipe | Life and style | The Observer

Nigel Slater‘s banana cheesecake recipe | Life and style | The Observer.

In which Nigel knocks together some quick and easy puddings…

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized for having $127,000 bed installed on plane

Reverting to type, is he? You may recall a previous administration of his was mired in so much scandal, much of it swirling around his own greed, the electorate finally lost patience with him.

It can even happen in Denmark…

Continental Drift

Intro to Contemporary Crisis Theory

Liberty_MaerskJust-in-time production and distribution puts us all in the same boat...

theoretical basis of the project

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The financial crash and the subsequent transformations of the lived economy appear as existential threats. These threats cut across a broad range of social classes. Any deep recession provoking high unemployment affects working people, especially those on temporary contracts. When the recession is prolonged and tax revenues plunge, the state slashes social benefits, hurting parents, children, retirees, the sick and disabled. General welfare programs – notably concerning the environment – are dismantled in the name of a return to profitability. These are the most familiar features of the average business-cycle downswing.

The new thing is that from the outset, this depression has afflicted the so-called middle classes, hitting them in the very areas that define their status, with the loss of assets (devalued homes…

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Wall Street Journal’s Idiocracy: CO2 Is What Plants Crave

What else did anyone expect when Murdoch grabbed control of WSJ?

The Secular Jurist

The Wall Street Journal once again published an op-ed disputing climate science by authors with no peer-reviewed papers on the topic and ties to groups funded by the oil industry. The op-ed argues that we should be “clamoring for more” carbon dioxide because it is a “boon to plant life,” ignoring scientific research establishing that our excessive carbon dioxide emissions are rapidly changing the climate, which will have significant negative impacts for plants and humans.


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Mark Zuckerberg’s immigration advocacy group losing supporters over controversial ad campaign

What do you think?  Is Zuckerberg simply naive?  Or is there something a bit nefarious about his motives?

The Secular Jurist

Mark Zuckerberg Elon Musk
(AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko, pool)


WASHINGTON — Billionaire eco-entrepreneur Elon Muskannounced on Friday that he was quitting Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s immigration advocacy group, upset over its controversial political strategy.

Fwd.us told The Huffington Post that a second funder also had decided to withdraw. Several media outlets have reported that David Sacks, founder of the business networking site Yammer and a former colleague of Musk’s, had dropped off the list of the group’s supporters.

Zuckerberg started Fwd.us to press for comprehensive immigration reform. But the group has been heavily criticized by some immigration reform supporters in recent weeks for its television ad campaign praising lawmakers for backing projects like the Keystone XL pipeline and drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Fwd.us has argued that the ads were meant to give home district support to lawmakers backing immigration reform.


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Firestorm of opposition to right-wing takeover of L.A. Times, Chicago Tribune

The Secular Jurist

LOS ANGELES — An effort by two conservative billionaires to take over The Los Angeles Times and seven other newspapers is setting off a firestorm of opposition here. Public employee unions, the leaders of the State Legislature and liberal advocacy groups are moving to block the sale, denouncing it as a threat to public workers and Democratic Party issues.

Ten public employee unions on Thursday sent a letter to the largest shareholder in the Tribune Company, which owns the newspapers, urging it not to sell to the billionaires, David H. Koch and Charles G. Koch. The Kochs have championed legislative efforts to cut public pension benefits and the power of public unions, notably in Wisconsin.

About one-quarter of the assets held by Oaktree Capital Management, the leading shareholder in the Tribune Company, comes from public employee pension fund investments, and labor leaders, looking to exert influence on Oaktree…

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go on, try to imagine it…

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Totally agree - only problem is, there are millions of racists out there who still don’t think they DO look stupid…

Anti-Muslim group leaps to defense of American Islamic Congress after EI exposé | The Electronic Intifada

Anti-Muslim group leaps to defense of American Islamic Congress after EI exposé | The Electronic Intifada.