Making solar cells with a kitchen microwave

Making solar cells with a kitchen microwave.

This definitely falls into the “DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME” category.

How Are They Restricting Us Now? Targeting Abortion Providers | This Is Personal

infographic - trap laws (image: courtesy this is personal)

infographic – trap laws (image: courtesy

How Are They Restricting Us Now? Targeting Abortion Providers | This Is Personal.

Kaleberry Ice Cream

This is great way to get your kids to eat a dairy free, sugar free ice cream that even has a dark, green leafy vegetable in it – which they can’t see.  Genius, right? Yes, some times parents have to think of clever ways to get these greens into our kids diets.  Well, I can tell you – this one works!  Last night, all 4 kids happily consumed this ice-cream and my greedy guts 6-year old even had seconds!  It take NO time to whizz together.  So, next time your kids ask for ice cream, how about trying this one instead!  Warning:  This does not contain SUGAR!
Grab yourself these nutritious bits:
1 cup coconut milk; I prefer the brand ‘koko’ – yum.
Pop in 2 bananas in your freezer to make sure they’re nice and frozen before blending.
A super large handful of Kale (or even 2 super large…

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Gay Can Get You Terminated in Majority of States in America.. LAND OF THE FREE UNLESS YOUR GAY!! Bigotry Kills!!!!

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It is a shame you can’t work if you are gay. I think in these states where gays can be fired and can’t be married, should be paid to stay home and be miserable. They make it out to be a disability. Then they should make it one.  My opinion is if we aren’t equal then we are nothing in the eyes of the government. If we can be fired for being gay obviously it is a terrible condition and dear lord we shouldn’t be allowed to work at all.  Huh, I can see some uniformed congress person actually try to make it a disability and pay all gays like it is a disability just so they don’t have to deal with the issues at hand any longer.

I personally…

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