How white holes (might) be created – StumbleUpon


how white holes (might) work - (image: ben gilliland; courtesy stumbleupon)

how white holes (might) work – (image: ben gilliland; courtesy stumbleupon)

How white holes (might) be created – StumbleUpon.

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  1. Fascinating. Hypothetically speaking, a white hole is linked to a black hole because they are the same object in different time references – sort of an inter-spacetime or inter-dimensional transport phenomenon for matter and energy.

    It has been postulated that the Big Bang was the result of an interaction between two dimensional planes. If true, this could have formed a hyper-massive black hole in the “future” which manifested itself as the formation of our universe (a white hole) in the “past.” From our perspective, we exist because of something which hasn’t yet happened. What a paradox!


    • Paradox? Are you postulating the state of our existence (ie: our specific universe) is due to the state of our non existence not yet having come into existence?

      I think I have a headache, now.


      • Lol! Not exactly. The paradox exists not in an objective sense, but only from our perspective. Einstein’s Special Relativity theorized (and subsequently proved) that the perception of time is relative to the observer, not the observed. If white holes are a manifestation of black holes in a different time frame – as suggested by this article – then the linear measurement of time we humans perceive becomes rather meaningless on a cosmological level. The concept of spacetime resides beyond normal human experience.

        Esoteric stuff to be sure. I find tequila and a beer chaser helps a lot! Or, perhaps a fine single malt scotch?


        • Oops! Didn’t mean to wind you up that much; you’re dealing with someone who nurtures a secret hope the boffins at CERN announce they’ve found what they’ve been searching for…and it’s 42.

          I think I’ll stick with my Ch Mussar 2002. Not a good idea to mix grain and grape.