Remembering the Kent State shooting: 43 years later

Poached pears and red wine jelly recipe | Dan Lepard | Life and style | The Guardian

Poached pears and red wine jelly recipe | Dan Lepard | Life and style | The Guardian.

Noam Chomsky: US, a top terrorist state – 26 min doc

It’s always worth paying attention to what Chomsky has to say.

photos: fountainebleu state park, louisiana


photos: fountainebleu state park, louisiana  Reblogged from, 4 May 2013

If you’re not likely to be offended by an NSFW tumblr blog, this series of photos is truly beautiful.

China arrests 900 in fake meat scandal | World news |

China's other food safety scares include reports of glow-in-the-dark pork, exploding watermelons and fake eggs. (Photograph: Vincent Yu/AP, courtesy the guardian) Fake eggs?  WTF?

China’s other food safety scares include reports of glow-in-the-dark pork, exploding watermelons and fake eggs. (Photograph: Vincent Yu/AP, courtesy the guardian) 

Fake eggs? WTF?


China arrests 900 in fake meat scandal | World news |

NRA lobbyist, arms dealer played key role in growth of civilian market for military-style guns

The Secular Jurist

(File Photo/ The Washington Post ) – Rene Carlos Vos, an arms dealer and one-time lobbyist for the National Rifle Association, shakes hands with President Ronald Reagan at a NRA event. Vos died in a plane crash outside Warrenton, Va. in 1987.

Rene Carlos Vos, an arms dealer in Alexandria, began hanging around the Washington headquarters of the National Rifle Association in the mid-1980s. The NRA’s staff was intrigued to see the garrulous, backslapping Vos in the group’s seventh-floor suite, home to its lobbying operation and the chief congressional lobbyist, Wayne LaPierre.

Vos and LaPierre struck those who saw them huddle together as an odd couple. Vos took to cowboy boots and neatly pressed western wear.

Commentary by The Secular Jurist:  This true story of bribery, collusion, intrigue, and death, would make a great Hollywood movie.

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UKIP: UK Now Has Real Far-Right Populist Politics.

This leaves little choice but to endorse the sentiments of tendancecoatesy, which I do, heartily.

Tendance Coatesy


French Left’s Dilemma After Front National Breakthrough in 1984.

Like Cabu’s Grand Duduche  you start by feeling that you don’t want to have anything to do with anybody who voted UKIP.

This came to me when the BBC’s Look East showed a chippie in Great Yarmouth. That town elected UKIP Councillors to Norfolk County Council. The chip-shop owner was vociferous in his UKIP support, as were many others in the seaside resort.

I like Yarmouth chips. They sell them with a choice of sauces. Inspired by Belgium custom  you can get mayonnaise and curry, amongst other flavours.

I will make a point of not going to Yarmouth for my annual day-trip.

The party now has 15 councillors in Norfolk  and scored 23.47% of the county vote – Conservative 32.6pc, Labour 22.75pc, Liberal Democrat 10.97pc, Green 6.55pc, Independent 3.27pc, Christian People’s Alliance 0.13pc, United People’s Party 0.02p

They got a councillor…

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The Problems of the Parti Socialiste

The Political Idealist


Francois Hollande has now been the President for France for one year. Looking at the French political scene, it is impossible for even his strongest supporters to deny that his popularity has slipped with more rapidity and severity of any newly elected head of state in recent times. With France falling into recession, the government being rocked by numerous scandals, and a number of key policy pledges running into legal difficulties, the Socialist administration has lost so much support that it is currently polling in third place, behind the far-right National Front.


France has only ever voted in two left-of-centre Presidents. The first was Francois Mitterrand, who won power in 1981 after promising a radical programme of left-wing social and economic reform. Within two years, a major reversal took place in the latter strand, as Mitterrand surrendered to market forces and implemented a policy privatisation and deregulation. The…

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China dismisses Australia’s defence white paper, says it changes nothing

China News

Australia Defence White PaperChina has warned that Labor’s new white paper is a political document unlikely to bring major changes to Canberra‘s defence strategy or alter Australia’s position in the Asia-Pacific region.

Han Feng, a deputy director at the China Academy of Social Science, a think tank closely linked to the Communist Party and government, said the paper appeared to be politically motivated by Labor.

“It doesn’t have any major changes and with an election approaching in Australia it is not the right time to have a major change in defence policy,” Mr Han said.

“The white paper has to reflect the attitude of Labor to a certain extent and, given the Gillard government does not have a majority position in parliament, this paper is the result of wanting to balance the positions on defence on both of Australia’s political parties.”

The long-awaited white paper said the government was keen…

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